Small Business Press Release Distribution

The digital age has completely transformed all aspects of modern life, including the way we do business. A whole new set of tactics are needed for attracting the attention of potential consumers.

The small business press release is a time-tested method for getting news about your business out to media outlets. But just like everything else, effective distribution requires a new set of tactics than it has in the past.

Small business owners often themselves in a dilemma when it comes to press release distribution. They don’t have enough in their budget to pay for an expensive distribution service, but they also lack the time (and possibly the skills) to create and distribute a PR effectively on their own.

But there are a few strategies to help you create a PR for the digital age.

First of all, become familiar with your audience. Journalists, reporters, and bloggers are the people that you need to notice your press release and they see hundreds show up in their inbox every day. So spend time getting to know them and try to cultivate relationships especially with those who write about your niche. For example, if you are a computer software company, learn about reporters who write about technology. If your product is geared towards young parents, look for those that write for parenting magazines. 

Secondly, make sure that your press release is well-written and correctly formulated, with a strong catchy headline and a focused, newsworthy first paragraph. Check several times for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. And don’t forget accurate contact information.

Once you’ve written your press release, simply submit it through our online order form. For $99 we will distribute it to all the top-tier media networks, as well as Bing & Google News, regional local news outlets, and industry journals specific to your sector unlimitedly for the year.

We even offer you a handy “As Seen On” logos which you can easily embed on your website. When visitors see a logo from one of the top media outlets on your site, they get the message that you are a reputable and proven company, resulting in more sales and conversions.