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Businessweek500.com, Inc. is the leader in press release distribution services. We are on a mission to redefine how organizations connect with their audiences - and thats just the beginning for us! 

Companies, big and small, depend on us to accurately distribute market-moving news and multimedia, host online newsrooms and investor relations websites, and generate social engagements that continuously develop interactions with their target audiences.

Everyday. press releases distributed via Businessweek500.com patented network newswire reach more than 80,000 media outlets in 160 countries.

Distribution options include industry and trade categories, or a global circuit delivered worldwide in more than 20 languages.

Real all of your targets - digital, print and broadcast newsrooms, individual reporters and editors, consumers, financial and news portals, websites, news syndicators, bloggers, social media networks and more.

A client will not be able to submit a press release for submission and distribution unless they become a paid member. Our membership starts at $99 annually, the membership includes single distribution of a press release that contains 500 words or fewer, social media sharing links, full-color images & company logo, links to your own website to help your branding efforts. We connect you with targeted media opportunities.

Most press release distribution services will send your news to only one distribution network. We send it to 300. Not only will your press release be sent to our own hand selected network of premium news and industry sites, we'll also distribute your news through the PR Newswire network. This news wire network has been used by fortune 500 companies, professionals, and small business owners for over 60 years.


Unlimited Potential

Wire Distribution

Get published on major news outlets or create your own custom distribution for your marketing goals.

Media Database

Connect with the right journalists for targeted earned media opportunities.

Media Monitoring

Monitor and discover industry trends as they happen through powerful tracking analytics.

Inluencer Marketing

Tap into key influencers to help strengthen your brand as ambassadors across top social media platforms.


Captivate your audience with powerful brand stories that inspire and educate.


Track and measure your PR and campaign performance through our detailed reporting.